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Khronos-Persyvact Large-scale Learning Spring School, LabEx Persyval, Mar. 31-Apr. 1, 2015

The Khronos-Persyvact Large-scale Learning Spring School will be held from March 31st to April 1st, 2015, in Grenoble. This spring school will precede Statlearn'15, which is going to be held from April 2nd to April 3rd, 2015, also in Grenoble.

On Tuesday Mar. 31 and Wednesday Apr. 1 morning, the spring school will feature tutorial lectures, starting from the basic concepts and tools, and progressively moving further to the latest advances. On Wednesday Apr. 1 afternoon, the spring school will feature spotlight talks by PhD students resp. from the "Khronos" and the "Persyvact" projects.

The school is a scientific event co-organized by the "Khronos" and the "Persyvact" projects of the LabEx Persyval-Lab.

Amphi MJK
110, rue de la chimie
Domaine Universitaire

Speakers and program

  • Tuesday, March 31st, 2015. Maison Jean Kuntzmann.

  • Wednesday April 1st, 2015. Maison Jean Kuntzmann.
    • 09:00-09:30. Coffee.
    • 09:30-11:30. Yann le Cun (NYU and Facebook). Deep Learning (tutorial).
    • 11:30-13:30. Lunch pause.
    • 13:30-13:50. Bikash Joshi (Khronos, LIG). On Binary Reduction of Large-scale Multiclass Classification Problems (spotlight).
    • 13:50-14:10. Alessandro Chiancone (Persyvact, Gipsa-Lab). Sequential data learning (spotlight).
    • 14:10-14:30. Danila Potapov (Khronos, LJK). Automatic summarization of video data (spotlight).
    • 14:30-15:00. Pause.
    • 15:00-15:20. Dimitry Ostrovsky (Khronos, LJK). Near-optimal pointwise denoising by convex optimization (spotlight).
    • 15:20-15:40. Kevin Caye (Persyvact, Gipsa-Lab). Spatially regularized NMF for genetic application (spotlight).
    • 15:40-16:00. Thomas Dias-Alvez (Persyvact, TIMC). Machine learning for haplotype phasing in genomics (spotlight).
    • 16:00-16:30. Coffee.

Registration and ECTS credits

Registration is now closed.

PhD attendees from Grenoble will get an official letter from the organizers that will allow them to earn ECTS credits and validate the courses as part of their "formation doctorale".