Open seminars 2015-16

Here is the list of the AMA public seminars:

  • September 17th, Hesam Amoualian and Georgios Balikas “Our participation at Machine Learning Summer School and European Summer School on Information Retrieval”
  • October 8th, Remi Coulom, “The Go game and the revolution of Monte Carlo”
  • November 12th, Ioannis Partalas, “Do you like to shop? Product Classification for e-Commerce”
  • November 19th, Kelkoo, “Distributed learning with Spark”
  • November 26th, Saeid Soheily, “Symbolic Representation of Time Series”
  • November 26th, Sumit Sidana, “Health Monitoring on Social Media over Time”
  • December 17th, Bikash Joshi, Frank Thollard, Georgios Balikas, “Scaling up code: cpu friendly by improving on one thread or many nodes (using spark) and being memory friendly”
  • January 14th, Christophe Brouard, “Presentation of a web recommender system integrating machine learning called Specific Search”
  • January 21st, Eustache Diemert, “Scientific challenges in digital advertising: the case of Criteo”
  • February 4th, Daria Reshetova, “Multi-Class Classification: an Optimization Point of View”
  • February 18th, Theo Trouillon, “Complex Embeddings for Simple Link Prediction”
  • March 17th, Yagmur Cinar “Prediction and retrieval solution for smart support center”, Simon Moura “Multi-target learning and applications”
  • March 24th, Vera Shalaeva “Temporal Decision Trees”, Yannick Bourrier “Knowledge Evaluation and Feedback of Non-Technical Skills in a Virtual World “, Diana Popa “On opinion summarization with textual entailment recognition”
  • April 28th, Anil Goyal, “PAC-Bayes Theorems for Multiview Learning”
  • May 19th, Saeed Varasteh Yazdi, “Representation Learning for Time series data analysis”
  • May 26th, Francois Laviolette, “PAC Bayes theory for supervised learning”
  • July 28th, Yury Maximov, “Effective numerical methods for huge-scale sparse linear systems with applications to the PageRank problem”