Ongoing Phd-Thesis and Post-doctoral

    • Saeed Varasteh
      Date: 2019-2020
      Title: Learning representations for classification, cokriging and forecasting spatio-temporal data
      Funds: ANR-LOCUST Project (MLIA-UPMC, DEEZER)
    • Saeed Varasteh
      Date: 2016-2019
      Title: Sparse coding and dictionary learning for time series Classification and Clustering
      Funds: PIA Project (CS, Airbus, EDF)
    • Thao Tran Thi Phuong (Co-supervised with Paul Honeine)
      Date: 2016-2019
      Title: Pre-image problem for spatio-temporal data forecasting and prediction
      Funds: Grant of Vietnam government

Defended Phd-Thesis

    • Jidong Yuan (Co-supervised with Zhihai Wang)
      Date: 2013-2016
      Title: Learning discriminative alignments for time series classification
      Funds: Grant of Beijing Jiaotong University
    • Cao-Tri Do (co-supervised with S. Marie and M. Rombault)
      Date: 2013-2016
      Title: Temporal Metric Learning for time series large margin classification: application to sensor data
      Funds: Cifre with Schneider Electric
    • Saeid Soheily-Khah (Co-supervised with E. Gaussier)
      Date: 2013-2016
      Title: Generalized k-means for time series clustering under time warp.
    • Francois Kawala (Co-supervised with E. Gaussier)
      Date: 2011-2014
      Title: Buzz detection and prediction in social media.
      Funds: Cifre with BestOfMedia
    • Cedric Frambourg (Co-supervised with E. Gaussier and J. Demongeot)
      Date: 2008-2012
      Title: Learning temporal matching for time series discrimination.
      Funds: Grant of French Government
    • Alpha Diallo (Co-supervised with F. Giroud)
      Date: 2007-2010
      Title: Adaptive clustering for gene expression profiles analysis.


    • Cécile Fiche (LIG-CEA) (Co-supervised with G. Bisson)
      Date: 05/2013-08/2014
      Title: Temporal Data analysis for modeling the endocytic dynamics.
      Funds: ANR Dynotep Project


    • Marc-Fresquet Rius (Erasmus, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya)
      Date: 02/2013-08/2013
      Title: Clustering and kernel clustering study of electrical power consumption.
      Funds: Erasmus scholarship